The most important place for a runner looking to reach the finish line is their position in the starting-blocks.  If their footing is off or if they are not mentally prepared; maybe they doubt themselves or their abilities at the starting line, their chances of winning the race or even reaching a personal best time are slim to none.  I have heard that life is a race.  Every new day is another opportunity to come out of the blocks strong. 

As a former competitive runner, I know the importance of a strong start.  As an adult, I’ve learned the importance of gaining and maintaining a healthy mind, heart and putting to practice lessons learned in past “races”.  The purpose of “Out the Blocks” is to give young people the tools required for a strong start and an even stronger finish in life.  A race is run with one goal in mind, the finish line.  Through general life skills and unconditional love, every child can win in this race of life…you’ve got to get out of the blocks to get into the race.

From goal setting to “Media and My Self Image”; from general etiquette to being “Safe v. Sure”, Out the Blocks tackles an array of issues that confronts today’s teen. Out the Blocks can also address issues specific to the needs of any classroom, youth group or organization at the request of individual educators, directors and other leaders dedicated to the continued growth of our young people.

Contact us today to set the young person in your life up for a strong start in a successful race!

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