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Today Is When


Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Today is when your life is happening. Now is when life’s opportunities are yours.

Within you is a dream, a longing, a purpose, a desire to experience life’s richness in your own unique way. Surrounding you is a universe filled with energy and abundance, and possibilities.

Now is when you have the opportunity to connect your most treasured dreams with that abundance, and to bring them to life. Focused, purposeful, inspired action is how you can most effectively do so.

On this day, in this moment, the possibilities are more than just intellectual curiosities. Right now, the possibilities are real.

Today you can choose, you can take action, you can make a difference and you can make real, satisfying, lasting progress. Today you have the priceless opportunity to live your life as you envision it.

The best life you can imagine is today within your grasp. So go beyond mere imagining, and live each moment in the direction of the very best you know life can be.

— Ralph Marston

The words above are one of those “right on time” posts.  An email sent to me from a friend. Although I was included as part of her daily mass email, receiving this one is like sitting in church with a thousand other people but feeling like the preacher is speaking directly to you. This goes beyond assumed fortune cookie type coincidence, not that I believe that anything is by happenstance or coincidence but this truly spoke to me.

Recently being bombarded with feelings of inadequacies and doubts I have come to the realization (again perhaps…) that I have a terrible habit of limiting myself in an attempt to avoid disappointment. I’m certain that I’m not alone in my feelings but I don’t want anyone to live according to the limitations of doubt and fear. In order to truly experience the full manifestation of the promises of God, we have to overcome our uncertainties.

Our confidence in God comes when we truly seek to live according to His will for our lives. Today, I choose…faith.

The Monster Within


*“…Life can be such a nightmare…I’m trying to keep it together…I’m RUNNIN’ FROM A MONSTER…FEELS LIKE I’M RUNNIN’ FROM A MONSTER…I…I KEEP…RUNNIN’ FROM A MONSTER…FEELS LIKE I’M RUNNIN’, I’M RUNNIN’, I’M RUNNIN’…and I guess I’ve run the wrong way…how could I have been so blind. Well, I guess I’m just a fool then, to think that it would all disappear in time… “

Do you recall your first brush with fear?  Was it a nightmare interrupting your slumber, awaking you to the possibilities of monsters under the bed? Or the loud crack of thunder accompanied by a bright, shining sword extending its’ blade through the sky?  Whatever it was, in our youth, the idea of the unknown sent many of us into a frenzy either frozen under the covers with our eyes tightly shut or down the hall seeking sanctuary in the room of an older sibling or our parents.  Even in the presence of someone bigger and stronger than us, the eyes that peered through the darkness from the confines of the closet were brighter than our own eyes in the sunshine and at this point in our lives, fear of all things unfamiliar begins to tighten its’ grip on our imagination.
On the other hand, the innocence of a child is also laced with wisdom.  As children we have confidence in our abilities in the light and many children are fearless and willing to take on whatever the day brings be it an 8 ft tree to climb, a wide creek to jump or a small clan of bullies to stand up to on the playground, their strength and courage is magnified in the presence of light.
If children can display unmatched bravery in the face of adversity, how much harder should it be for us as adults to get over the fears that ridicule us day in and day out?  It is quite natural to fear the unknown but if we are children of God, having received He who is Love and have the Spirit within us through the life of Christ, there is no reason to live according to the uncertainty of darkness. 
Chapter Four of First John helps us to see the confidence that we have in the Light…in Love…in God. Verse 13 “We know that we live in Him and He in us, because He has given us of His Spirit…16And so we know and rely on the love God has for us.  God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in him…18There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear…”
The world has no need of seeking to conquer us with fear when our own imaginations leave us entrapped in a nightmare as life becomes the monsters in our closets.  With the love of God, who is love, all things are possible.  His perfect love drives out fear.

* “…I need your help, save me from myself; I’ve been running from me all along. I don’t know what I will make of my life, if you don’t right all my wrongs…I’ve been running for so long yet I’m not getting anywhere…can you please come rescue me from this nightmare…I feel like I’m running…I’m so tired of running…”