Those who pour INTO US are our INSPIRATION, those WE POUR INTO are our MOTIVATION!


It is my hopes that with “Be Inspired”, I am able to pour into the lives of my readers as they read about the life that I’ve lived and the experiences of those that I have come into contact with.  It is said that experience is the best teacher, but I believe that lessons don’t always have to be learned from our own experiences in life.

Alone With Self and Consequences

Heart of a Queen: Poetry and Prose From the Soul

Heart of a Queen is stories told through millennia from around the communal campfire. Author Nina Brewton is the reader’s griot, carrying each through tales of love and hate, joy and pain, ecstasy and despair, told in verse. Each work seeks to transport us through her words into a more complete understanding of ourselves.”


Dramas of a Bald Head Queen

…is a memoir that takes a look at the girl I was, the woman I am, giving the reader a glimpse of the road that I’ve traveled, finding my way to the one thing that has always kept me upright and moving forward: The Love of Christ.

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