I spoke about this thing from a similar angle not long ago in “The New Bougie”!

Great read!

The Diary of a Natural Gal

The topic at hand has been on my mind for quite some time…

I’ve attended a number of natural hair related events (most of them in London). These events had an amazing atmosphere overall, but I couldn’t help but notice the clear divide at some of these events; non-bloggers remained together and all of the bloggers remained together.

Of course I can’t fault people for staying with their friends or with others that are more ‘accessible’ (yes, accessible because I have seen bloggers get together like a clique and it can be quite intimidating), but the divide was clear.

I have met bloggers who were really friendly and approachable, but then I have also met some who were kind of stand-offish or who gave off an ‘holier than thou’ vibe.

At the time it really bothered me. How can you blog and have so many supportive followers but be so antisocial? Then I…

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