The Revolution Begins With You


She called me with shame all over her. The trembling of her voice…the shortness of breath. It was on her every word. Guilt poured over the weight over r back like rain waters on a levy that should have long been replaced. That thing was on her.

She shared that she was sick of herself. That she was tired of the woman she was…tired of using herself to get things…Tired of giving herself away for all the wrong reasons. As she spoke to me melting into a pool of tears, I couldn’t help but stand there on the other end of the phone and smile.

Not just a smile like, “aw bless her heart” type of smile that a mother would give her youngest daughter after her first heart break but a wide grin…like a Cheshire Cat. Ear to ear…every tooth showing…my soul beaming with excitement as God brought to my remembrance the sound of my own quivering voice as I came to Him in despair and at my wit’s end not so long ago…

I knew her pain and as I spoke with her on the phone, I laughed at the thought of that pain and the growth that came from it. I couldn’t help but laugh out loud and after doing so, quickly explained to her the excitement that I was experiencing being able to look back at the woman I had been…I laughed. I laughed for her…I laughed for me…I laughed for every young woman that has ever found herself looking in the mirror in disgust at the image that stared back into once loving, beautiful, peaceful yes.

Tonight, I laughed…and smiled. I told her that she was “there”. That she was exactly where she needed to be and although it is never my hope for anyone to feel the pain I endured just 7 years ago, now that she was there, it was time to push.

I remember that time in my life…I remember it ALL too well…


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