I have been many things and called many things over the course of my life.  I came into this world as a daughter named Nina Ligon.  I was the rebel Queen Nina, the student Anin, the mirror NinAnin and now woman of God and wife, Mrs. Raphael Brewton.

I have been nappy-headed, too skinny, too thick, too sensitive and too aggressive…I have loved too hard and not enough…I have been too loud, spoken too much and communicated too little.

“Dramas of a Bald Head Queen” is a memoir that takes a look at the girl I was, the woman I am and the woman that I have been created to be…all while giving the reader a glimpse of the road that I’ve travelled all while finding my way to the one thing that has always kept me moving forward: The Love of Christ.

My hope for “Dramas” is that after reading it, any person — male, female, young/old, experienced or inexperienced, will be able to find SOMETHING from my life that will help to make their life a little easier.

 It is said that we learn from experience.  I believe that it’s not necessary for us to always learn from our own experiences but by the experiences of others.                                                                               

I look forward to sharing my experiences in life, both those with and without Christ, with as many people as possible, that they might learn to live to the full potential.


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