I am beautiful.

I am grateful for my beauty and for God allowing me to be who I am…I am not perfect. Physicaly, I’m overweight and my skin is sensitive and dry, and there’s more…too much to mention really…

Mentally, I tend to be too emotional, others can see it at times and even I can see it on occasion when I know I’ve taken something too far…

Spiritually, yeah. There is ALWAYS more that I can give the Lord. Always…It is amazing the revelation u receive when u actually READ ur Bible and EXPECT to hear from the Lord. The most simple things become so profound. If only I’d read more/listen more/see more…of You, Lord.

I am beautiful…

And I know this, generally speaking. Even at the times that I don’t feel the part, God has a way of reminding me to play the part. To play MY part…and that my part doesn’t include negativity and self-doubt.

I am beautiful…

Physically, my eyes are bright, my smile is wide, my thighs are curvatious and even during the winter, my skin glows *scratches back*…at the times that I don’t feel “pretty” or “fly” or “fit”, He sends someone along to express their admiration for my smile, eyes, my hair.

Mentally, I am stable. I am bright, charismatic, energetic, lovable, smart, funny (although cheesey at times! I love corny jokes) and always thinking…When mentally I feel a mess, and wonder, “how on EARTH am I supposed to inspire others when I can’t move myself to write, workout, etc…?” God sends someone my way that is in need and allows me to give the words to encourage…

Spiritually, I am redeemed. That ALONE is enough to make me beautiful. I am in love with Christ…I am continuously gaining understanding of Christ and His life and His ministry…I have acknowledged my own calling…now to just walk in it. Obedience and wisdom.When I feel like I belong in hell, or oh, I must already be there, God opens the door for me to tell someone about Him! ME!? Lord, You are good and Your mercy endureth forrreeeevvverrrr! Lol

I say all of this to say…

I am beautiful.

If I am made in the likeness of God and He is the Creator of all things, then I am a creator…I am a creator of beauty being that beauty is within me…Thank u lord.You too, are beautiful…today and always. Try to see yourself through the eyes of God…and allow Him to use your beauty to show someone else how beautiful they are.


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